Sorta Spring

Sorta Spring by marveldivergent featuring flower boots

Jane Norman fitted shirt
$21 –

Dr. Martens flower boots
$130 –

Tech accessory

Straight Into Spring

Straight Into Spring by marveldivergent featuring bohemian jewelry

Purple top

Skinny jeans

Ankle boots

Galaxy Dress Set

Galaxy Dress Set by marveldivergent featuring a sash belt

2 piece dress

Sash belt

Tech accessory

Marvel Girl

Marvel Girl by marveldivergent featuring combat boots

Paige Denim skinny jeans
$300 –

Black tank top

Combat boots

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink by marveldivergent featuring a tribal skater dress

Oscar de la Renta silk jacket

NIKE tall legging
$68 –

Neon jewelry

Bracelet bangle

Spring Pop

Spring Pop by cookiepuss featuring leather earrings

Havaianas pink sandals
$19 –

Beaded jewelry

Leather earrings

Triangle pendant

Voluminous mascara
$4.17 –

Hey, I made an app to go along with my website because I just LOVE puppies! Google “Mobincube Store” and search on the store “Puppy Wallpaper” and my app should come up. i would tell you the exact web address but I forgot it- sorry! It’s not in the appstores because to do that would have been really complicated and expensive. So you have to download it off the internet. It’s recenly updated, but sorry, to update you will have to delete then reinstall the app when the new version comes out, so just do that every so often to see if anything has changed.

I made the app with and that was really cool. It was totally free, and you can make unlimited free apps when you make a free account, so it’s really cool. You should try to make your own app, and please if you do, send me the link to it through my contact form and I will dowload it.


Hey, I’m back again, and this time I’ve got a few websites for you guys that I bet you’ll love. So here they are: This site is for a magazine on i-dressup that I’m part of as an interviewer- check out our magazine! This is an online store made by lxndra from i-dressup – awesome girl, BTW – and you can see all the stuff she’s made in FFH and Patchwork Design and you can see separate things or full outfits, the outfits are stunning, Alexandra is really talented. You can also send in orders and the amount of icoins the items cost are listed. This site is mine, I’m sure you can tell what it’s about and you will love it!!! This site has so many great baking ideas from cakes to muffins to cake pops to EVERYTHING! For every occasion, for every sweet lover there is something. Easy hard, any recipe. Bakerella is so talented- she comes up with some amazing stuff and I follow her blog so you should totally check her out!

Please share this site on Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, or any social networking site and look for me on Facebook and Google+. If you can’t find me just send me a message through my contact form and I can help yopu find my page.


Hey everyone, I’m back again! Everythings been pretty crazy lately between stuff with the family and school, so I haven’t had time to blog. But since I’ve got a sec now, I just wanted to let you guys know that hopefully I’ll be working on some new designs from FFH soon for *Dazzling Designs!* so I’ll have to let you guys know.
Okay, guys, that’s it for now. KIT- you know my username for i-dressup if you wanna reach me, and there’s a conmtact form on one or my posts if you don’t have an i-dressup account and just like to read what I post. TTYL,

Hey guys, long time since I last posted. Time has NOT been in my favor when it comes to posting on my blog….LOL.  Well, anyway, I would like you all to visit 3 websites made by or referred to me by people I know from idressup. First go to, where you can order fabric fashion house and patchwork designs by awesome designer lxndra! You can get tops, skirts, dresses, tights, even full outfits. All types and prices (in icoins of course!) are listed. Then, head to I can’t really explain it…just check it out. If you have questions about it ask MCdesigner. And also, if you wanna see a magazine i work for, FFH Magazine, short for Fantasy Fashion House, like Fabric Fashion House, go to Have fun checking out the staff- you’ll find me under Interviewer- the modeling, done by lxndra, even the interviews and what’s written about fashion by our adviser, Rery. I think I’ll be in the next issue with an interview, when it comes out!


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