Image Hey, I keep going to rares clubs and nobody’s really getting back to me. I was trading this for a rare shirt I have and it’s already in the girl’s lookbook, but she’s like dropped of the face of idressup or something so I’ve decided to look elsewhere.

OK, fine, not really look elsewhere, more like ask elsewhere. But you get my drift. So I’m kind of more willing to trade you than buy, but I’ll buy if that’s the only way. But I will trade you one of every rare I’ve got for just that, so you may want to rethink your money only strategy, because if you think ONE rare is better than like 10-15, there is definitely something going on upstairs. And I don’t think it something good.

 Alright, well you know I’m just messing, right? Great. I don’t want you taking it personally and running to virtual mommy or anything. LOL! Okay, I think I’ve messed with you enough!