So, guys! I wanted to tell all my employees thank you for all your hard work! Since business is slow, at the time, you’ll be being payed by looks with clothes in them. For now, you can get 5 items from my clothes or accessories closet or 2 items that are rare. Please take advantage of this bargain! And, as a reminder, please welcome my friend and new designer, pinkiepiediesigner! AKA, Carine. I also know her offline. She’s on about every day early late morning-early afternoon if you’d like to contact her about any of her designs. She posts pictures of some of them at our club, *Dazzling Designs Magazine!* and there are many at her store that you can buy. She is new to the site, but she’s a great designer, and for quick custom designs by her, you know when she’ll be online!

Once again, thank you girls, please take advantage of this pay deal, and please say hello to my friend Carine, AKA, pinkiepiediesigner.

Head Designer of *Dazzling Designs!* fashion line,