Hey, I made an app to go along with my website cutepuppypix.weebly.com because I just LOVE puppies! Google “Mobincube Store” and search on the store “Puppy Wallpaper” and my app should come up. i would tell you the exact web address but I forgot it- sorry! It’s not in the appstores because to do that would have been really complicated and expensive. So you have to download it off the internet. It’s recenly updated, but sorry, to update you will have to delete then reinstall the app when the new version comes out, so just do that every so often to see if anything has changed.

I made the app with mobincube.com and that was really cool. It was totally free, and you can make unlimited free apps when you make a free account, so it’s really cool. You should try to make your own app, and please if you do, send me the link to it through my contact form and I will dowload it.