Hey, I’m back again, and this time I’ve got a few websites for you guys that I bet you’ll love. So here they are:
ffhmagazine.weebly.com This site is for a magazine on i-dressup that I’m part of as an interviewer- check out our magazine!
lxndrastore.weebly.com This is an online store made by lxndra from i-dressup – awesome girl, BTW – and you can see all the stuff she’s made in FFH and Patchwork Design and you can see separate things or full outfits, the outfits are stunning, Alexandra is really talented. You can also send in orders and the amount of icoins the items cost are listed.
cutepuppypix.weebly.com This site is mine, I’m sure you can tell what it’s about and you will love it!!!
bakerella.com This site has so many great baking ideas from cakes to muffins to cake pops to EVERYTHING! For every occasion, for every sweet lover there is something. Easy hard, any recipe. Bakerella is so talented- she comes up with some amazing stuff and I follow her blog so you should totally check her out!

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