Black is Back

Black is Back by cookiepuss featuring a black skater skirt

Rag & Bone rock jeans
$305 –

Black skater skirt

Ash high wedge sneaker

Floral headband
$36 –

Orange Outfit

Orange Outfit by cookiepuss featuring a black beanie hat

Mavi slim cut jeans
$135 –

Black beanie hat
$14 –


Hey guys! I haven’t posted in a while- I know- so I figured I should. I recently did a DIY bathing suit (bikini) and both pieces together are 30 iCoins. It’s iLook, but I know a cheat to put on your iToon since that’s what most people use and since the cropping on the top is a little messed up that should not be a problem since it will be a little big on your iToon. It’s on my iLook if you want to see it and there is a picture on my wall. Come see it- maybe you will want to buy it! I hope to soon start on trying trying making anime eyes on DIY and if I can crop it right l be able to take orders for your anime eye color. Yay! Well, my stupid computer is messing up and I should go, so good night, i-Dressupers!


Hey, guys! Did you know that I can invite people to join my blog? Then they can post here, too! As of right now, I’m the only user of this blog, but if you’d like to be able to use my blog, let me know and I’ll see if you’re approved! Remember- not just anybody can get an invitation to join- only the people I know for sure will appreciate the theme of it and be responsible with it.

People I will let use my blog:

 Family who appreciates the theme of my blog

Friends who play idressup

 Idressup employees that I deal with very regularly and that I trust to help me on my blog in posting about idressup fashions, *Dazzling Designs!* fashion line, and the occasional thing they’d think would be interesting to people who visit my blog.

 If you think you’d qualify, please ask me!

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