Hey guys, long time since I last posted. Time has NOT been in my favor when it comes to posting on my blog….LOL.  Well, anyway, I would like you all to visit 3 websites made by or referred to me by people I know from idressup. First go to lxndrastore.weebly.com, where you can order fabric fashion house and patchwork designs by awesome designer lxndra! You can get tops, skirts, dresses, tights, even full outfits. All types and prices (in icoins of course!) are listed. Then, head to bejeweled.wix.com. I can’t really explain it…just check it out. If you have questions about it ask MCdesigner. And also, if you wanna see a magazine i work for, FFH Magazine, short for Fantasy Fashion House, like Fabric Fashion House, go to ffhmagazine.weebly.com. Have fun checking out the staff- you’ll find me under Interviewer- the modeling, done by lxndra, even the interviews and what’s written about fashion by our adviser, Rery. I think I’ll be in the next issue with an interview, when it comes out!